BowZo Bow Guide for Violin/Viola

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BowZo – the simple way to practise straight bowing!

+ Master straight bowing
+ Gain muscle memory
+ Say goodbye to sawing sounds

BowZo is the new way to improve learning the violin. Designed by a violinist, for violinists, the BowZo is a neat device that simply clips on to the fingerboard and guides the bow at 90° to the strings – this means you have instant straight bowing! In time, this transfers into muscle memory and the learner can become an expert violinist in no time at all!

Being made of stretchy plastic, the BowZo cannot scratch or damage your violin at all. It is also small enough to easily fit in your violin case!

The BowZo is the bowing aid best seller, ideal for:

+ violins from 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4
+ small sized violas ( 11-14 inch )
+ warm up before music lessons
+ practising scales with a long bow