Cello Case - Kreisler Pod with Wheels 1/2

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• Strength and Protection - The 'Pod' is classified as a 'Semi-hard case'. It is made from condensed foam, which gives you the strength and durability of a hard case and the weight and portability of a soft case. 'The Pod' gives you extra protection around the bridge, bow and scroll areas to ensure that your cello stays protected in the most vital and vulnerable areas. 


• Portability - The 'Pod' now comes with built-in wheels, padded back straps (with chest strap) and 3 strong handles making it easier than ever to transport your cello. Ideal for students traveling to and from school or people who catch public transport. 


• Lightweight - The case only weighs 4.9kg! Unlike other hard cases in which can be as much as 7kg


• Easy to Open - No need to spend time fussing around with hard case clips. The 'Pod' makes it quicker and easier to take out your cello, simply unzip to open. 


• Locking System - Now comes with built-in combination zip lock. Place your zippers into the lock and set a code. No keys required.