Loreta Fin- Violin BK 2 Beginner String Ensemble Series

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Loreta Fin's Beginner String Ensemble Series- A Sequential String Class or individual learning method

Book 2 can be used as an individual tutor book for older students or following on from Book 1, which is an aurally-based and clef-free method for young beginners, using pizzicato to page 15 and bowing from D Major Scale onwards.

Book 2 focuses on clef reading, using a “hand staff” on common strings, to allow the teacher to work in 3 clefs at a time. Once students are familiar with the letter name, string and number of fingers used for each note, adding the staff makes note-reading so easy!

The approach is sequential, the print is clear and the pages uncluttered, allowing the teacher the freedom to add material and information as desired.