A. Master Cello (4/4 size) Outfit with Hard Case (20% Off)

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Set up by Antonio Kim in Australia, comes with hard case.

Cello Hard Case - Kreisler Old Style Black 4/4 (Worth $595)

  • Materials & Design – Made from strong, durable fiberglass and has a slim, sleek design weighing approximately 6.5kg. 
  • Portability – The case comes with built-in wheels and padded back straps, making it extremely easy to transport your cello. It also features 3 handles. 
  • Suspension Padding – Inside the case are areas of padding which suspend your cello, taking any impact that might come into contact with your case. Your cello will be strapped in along the bottom (at the spike), the neck and at the scroll restricting any movement to a minimum. 
  • Accessories Pouch & Bow Holders – The case comes with a generous accessories pouch for all your extras! It also has two bow holders.