Building Technic With Beautiful Music Bk 1 (Viola)

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The pieces in this book have been selected for their musical and technical value. They have been carefully transcribed and edited to create interest in technical development and in general musicianship. They provide supplementary materials which can be used with any standard string method. By studying the text carefully, and with the teacher’s help, the young student will develop a foundation for a fine left-hand technic and bowarm. This volume includes the basic solid bowings and the slow spiccato stroke in the fundamental rhythms.

 The Snowman - Trad
On the Farm - Trad
A Circus Comes to Town - Trad
Climbing the Mountain - Trad
Playing in the Orchard - Trad
The Garden Dance - Trad
The Gypsy - Strauss
Lullaby - Trad
Gay and Happy - Nageli
Memories - Kucken
Cradle Song - Trad
I'm Thinking of You - Trad
The Country Fiddler - Trad
The Old Caslte - Haydn
At Dawn - Trad
Going to the Opera - Trad
Birthday Presents - Trad
Walking the Dog - Trad
Sanctus - Schubert
The Handsome Prince - Trad
A Flock of Ducks - Trad
Buck and Wing - Trad
The Pirate Ship - Hofmann
Skiing - Trad
Happy Moments - Trad
The Tidy Tailor - Trad
The Merry Fisherman - Trad
Old King Cole - Trad
Around the Circle - Trad
Dance of the Fireflies - Trad
The Russian Tea Party - Trad
All Through the Night - Trad
The Canaries - Couperin
The Silver Bird - Trad
In the Gloaming - Harrison
Skipping to School - Trad
Dance of the Swallows - Streabog
The Stradivarious Violin - Paganini
Deck the Hall - Trad
Follow the Brook - Trad
The Reindeers - Trad
At the Opera - Mozart
The Happy Farmer - Schumann
In Sunny Spain - Trad
The Carnival in Cremona - Trad
Jota (Ho-ta) - Trad
Old Dog Tray - Foster
A Hop and a Skip - Trad
Dancing at the Fair - Trad
The Wooden Soldiers on Parade - Trad
Spring is Here - Trad
The Rose Garden - Purcell
Skating in the Park - Concone
The Singing Game - Trad
The Month of May - Morley
Robin and His Men - Trad
Around the Gypsy's Campfire - Trad