Essential Keyboard Repertoire Vol 6

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Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Volume 6 (to Develop Technique and Musicianship)
Series: Alfred Masterwork Edition: Essential Keyboard Repertoire
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Comb Bound Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Early Intermediate / Late Intermediate
Much care was given to grading, editing and most of all, student appeal in the Essential Keyboard Repertoire Series. Each volume includes selections from the Baroque to Modern periods, each in its original form. Standard favorites are included, along with a sampling of works which were infrequently performed prior to the introduction of these collections. Editing is based on sound teaching principles to facilitate performance and study. This edition includes 75 early to late intermediate selections designed to help advancing students develop technique and musicianship. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance. 160 pages.
A Brisk Game [Op. 14, No. 1] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
A Happy Story [Op. 69, No. 4] Dmitri Shostakovich (composer)
A Hunting Jig Leopold Mozart (composer)
A Sad Tale [Op. 27, No. 3] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Agitato [Op. 109, No. 8] Johann Freidrich Burgmüller (composer)
Allegro [Sz. 42:38] Béla Bartók (composer)
Allegro Agitato [Op. 821, No. 88] Carl Czerny (composer)
Allegro in A Minor Domenico Zipoli (composer)
Allegro in B-Flat Major [K. 3] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
Allegro Scherzando in F Major [Hob. III: 75/4] Franz Joseph Haydn (composer)
Andante con Moto Francesco Pasquale Ricci (composer)
Andantino Jan Ladislav Dussek (composer)
Arietta [Op. 12, No. 1] Edvard Grieg (composer)
Bourrée [BWV 820:5] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Bourrée in A Major [BI 160b:2] Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Bourrée in D Minor George Frederic Handel (composer)
Capriccietto Johann Nepomuk Hummel (composer)
Capriccio Johann Nepomuk Hummel (composer)
Capricious Etude Theodor Kirchner (composer)
Con Portamento Johann Christian Bach (composer)
Country Dance Dmitri Shostakovich (composer)
Country Dance [Op. 39, No. 17] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Duetto -- Souvenir of Beethoven [Op. 47, No. 15] Stephen Heller (composer)
English Ballet Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (composer)
Etude Aram Khachaturian (composer)
Etude in A Minor Johann Nepomuk Hummel (composer)
Etude in A Minor [Op. 27, No. 8] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Etude in B-Flat Major Johann Christian Bach (composer)
Etude in E Major [Op. 82, No. 98] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Etude in E Minor Johann Wilhelm Hässler (composer)
Etude in F Major Johann Christian Bach (composer)
Etude in G Major Johann Wilhelm Hässler (composer)
Folk Dance [Sz. 42:6] Béla Bartók (composer)
Folk Song Cyril Scott (composer)
For Gertrude [WoO 16] Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Gentle Waltz [Op. 39, No. 23] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Hungarian Melody [D. 817] Franz Schubert (composer)
Important Event [Op. 15, No. 6] Robert Schumann (composer)
Kite Settled on the Branch [Sz. 42:II/2] Béla Bartók (composer)
Lullaby César Franck (composer)
March in D Major Leopold Mozart (composer)
Mazurka [Op. 39, No. 10] Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)
Menuetto [Op. 10, No. 3] Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Minuet in B-Flat Major Johann Christian Bach (composer)
Minuet in D Major James Hook (composer)
Pastoral [K. 415] Domenico Scarlatti (composer)
Piano Piece in A-Flat Major No. 2 [S. 189a] Franz Liszt (composer)
Playing Horse Games [Op. 39, No. 5] Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)
Praeludium in D Minor [BWV 851] Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Prelude Maurice Ravel (composer)
Prelude in C Major Theodor Kirchner (composer)
Prelude in D Minor [Op. 53, No. 2] Arthur Foote (composer)
Prelude in E Minor Theodor Kirchner (composer)
Prelude in F Major Theodor Kirchner (composer)
Presto in C Minor [WQ. 114:3] Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
Scherzino [Op. 119, No. 3] Stephen Heller (composer)
Scherzo in F Major Johann Friedrich Reichardt (composer)
Secrets [Op. 25, No. 5] Amy Beach (composer)
Sonata in C Major [K. 95] Domenico Scarlatti (composer)
Sonata in G Major [K. 391] Domenico Scarlatti (composer)
Sonata in G Major [K. 431] Domenico Scarlatti (composer)
Sostenuto [Bi 133] Frédéric Chopin (composer)
Spanish Marionettes César Cui (composer)
Strolling Alexander Gretchaninov (composer)
Study in D Major Daniel Gottlob Türk (composer)
The Drummer [Op. 14, No. 2] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
The Juggler [Op. 89, No. 21] Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Toccata in E-Flat Major Johann Ludwig Krebs (composer)
Toccata in F Minor [WQ. 63:6] Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
Viennese Waltz [WoO 17, No. 3] Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Village Dance [Sz. 42:32] Béla Bartók (composer)
Waltz in A Major [Op. 39, No. 15] Johannes Brahms (composer)
Waltz in E-Flat Major Muzio Clementi (composer)
Waltz in F Major Stephen Heller (composer)
Waltz in G Major [Op. 38, No. 1] Muzio Clementi (composer)