Hey Presto Music Theory for Cellists Book 1

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CONTENTS: Georgia Vale: Accidentals, Bars and bar lines, Bowing directions, Bravo's matching pairs, Bravo's secret code, Drawing accidentals, Drawing leger lines, Drawing rests, Drawing stems, Dynamics, Even more accidentals, Even more notes by step!, Even more time values!, Jumbled notes, Leger lines, Line notes, More about accidentals, More leger lines, More line and space notes, More notes by step, More of the four cello string, More time signatures, More time values, More time values and rests, Musical maths!, Notes by step, Poco's birthday present, Quiz no. 1: test yourself!, Quiz no. 2: true or false?, Rests, Space notes, Spot the difference, Stems, The four cello strings, The missing bar lines, The stave and the bass clef sign, Time signatures ? the bottom number, Time signatures: the top number, Time values, Word search. Printed Music CELLO TUTOR ~ THEORY TUTORS