Music for Little Mozarts: Music Lesson Book 1

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Lesson Book 1 is pre-reading. Concepts taught are: How to sit at the piano, Correct hand position, High and low, Loud and soft (forte and piano), Keyboard topography, Bar line and measure, Quarter, half, whole notes and rests, Repeat sign. The first pieces in the book are played on the black keys. Later in the book, C D E for the RH and C B A for the LH (Middle C position) are taught with letter notes (the name of the note is written inside the note head).

About Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts was written by my music friends Christine H. Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster to encourage a love for music in young children, ages 4-6, and to help them begin learning to play piano. My books help develop singing and listening skills while imparting an appreciation for many musical styles! My adventures and lessons are exciting and imaginative, both at school and at home. Your eager, inquisitive students will discover music and find out how much fun it is to play!

Best wishes,
Mozart Mouse