Music Theory for Violinists Book 4: Alternate Path to Grade 1 Music Theory

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Music Theory for Violinists Book 3: Alternate Path to Grade 1 Music Theory by Mervin Yeow

Music Theory for Violinists is a theory series aiming to teach the fundamentals of music theory from a violin-approach by introducing topics that are more related to the instrument in the first 3 books and other parts of the theory syllabus in the 4th book. Upon coompletion of the four-level music theory series, violin learners will have gained a strong foundation before moving to Grade 1 Music Theory.

Other features of book 3:
- Fingerboard will be used as references on introducing Key Signatures and Scales. This is especially helpful for students who who are preparing themselves for the ABRSM scale test
- Musical Terms including Col Legno, Con Sord, Harmonics, Portamento, etc., are brought forward from ABRSM grade 4 syllabus and included here as they are relevant to violin players.

Other benefits of the series:
- Enhance notation reading skills
- Improve key signature awareness and overall sight-reading skills
- Allow visualisations of notes on the violin fingerboard
- Fingering position charts serve as references for fingering patterns positioning for sight-reading tests purpose
- Improve performance directions recognition
- Supports ABRSM syllabus