Piano Safari- Bk 1 Repertoire

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Designed to provide a solid foundation for beginners, Repertoire Book 1 contains six key elements that promote the well-rounded development of each student: Rote Pieces, Reading Pieces, Folk Pieces, Technical Exercises, Improvisation, and Theory.



Note: a code for the audio tracks may be found in the front cover of the Repertoire Book.

Reading Pieces

  • Reading Pieces begin with pre-staff notation and transition to a landmark-based intervallic system that is focused on mastering 2nds and 3rds.

Rote Pieces

  • Composed with a colorful harmonic pallet, Rote Pieces are pattern-based and use a wide range of the keyboard.

Folk Songs

  • Students enjoy playing familiar tunes. The Folk Songs provide motivation and finger number review.

Technical Exercises

  • The seven animal-themed exercises teach students the essential gestures necessary for a strong technical foundation.


  • Improvisation Pieces are included throughout the book to enhance creativity and imagination. They also provide reinforcement for musical and technical concepts.

Theory Pages

  • Theory Pages provide students with music theory review in a worksheet format.