Piano Safari- Bk 2 Repertoire

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Designed to build on the foundation laid in Level 1, Repertoire Book 2 contains six key elements that promote the well-rounded development of each student. These elements include Reading Pieces, Rote Pieces, Challenge Pieces, Equal Part Duets, Theory, and Improvisation.



Note: a code for the audio tracks may be found in the front cover of the Repertoire Book.

Reading Pieces
Reading Pieces begin with a review of intervals (2nds and 3rds) and landmark notes Treble G and Bass C. They progress to starting on notes over the expanse of the staff in a variety of keys. The intervals of a 4th and 5th are introduced.

Rote Pieces
Composed with a colorful harmonic pallet, Rote Pieces are pattern-based and use a wide range of the keyboard.

Challenge Pieces
Challenge Pieces are early-level works by composers such as Reinagle and Czerny. They provide an introduction to counterpoint and mixed articulations between the hands.

Equal Part Duets
It is vital that students learn to accompany as well as to play a melodic line. Equal part duets are included to allow students to learn both secondo and primo parts.

Theory Pages
Theory Pages provide students with music theory review in a worksheet format.

Improvisation suggestions are included along with teacher accompaniments.