Piano Safari- Bk 1 Theory

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Theory Book 1 correlates with Repertoire Book 1 and the Sight Reading & Rhythm Cards for Book 1 to provide additional reinforcement for each unit.

Concepts included in Theory Book 1:

  • Rhythmic values
  • Animal Rhythm Patterns
  • Landmark Notes
  • Staff
  • Intervals of 2nds & 3rds

Product information: 64 Pages



    Students learn new concepts in Repertoire Book 1 and the Sight Reading Cards by analyzing and playing pieces and exercises. In Theory Book 1, additional modes of learning are utilized, which include:

    • Copying
    • Analyzing
    • Writing
    • Listening
    • Matching

    These varying ways of approaching each concept ensure that students understand the basics of music notation thoroughly. Theory Book 1 is suitable both for use in the lesson and as homework for private lessons and group classes.

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