Chin Comforter- Strad Pad Beige Large Size Beige for Violin or Viola

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Detachable chinrest cover made from featherlight latex. Foam-cushioned comfort that rests directly on the chinrest - not the violin. Beige colour. Large size.

Highly recommended for students: beginners learn to hold violin properly with the chin instead of the left hand. Reduces chinrest irritation and unnecessary fatigue. Strad-Pad rests directly on the chinrest, not the violin. It ends perspiration annoyance and is a great relief for men with beards. Easily detachable with its velcro strip and may be washed. A perfect gift idea for violinists and violists. Made in USA.

The Strad-Pad is available in two sizes: Regular (10.5cm - 4" at widest point) and Large (13cm - 5" at widest part). Both can be easily cut down to size with scissors to suit the size of the chinrest, especially fractional size instruments.